Flystuff Drosophila Microscope microscope

The FlyStuff Microscope has been specially designed by Genesee Scientific as yet another component of the ideal Drosophila workstation.

Superior Optics – You can expect superior optical performance and a broad magnification range of 6.5X-45X, or 7:1 zoom to deliver brilliance, clarity, parfocality, flatness and depth of field. Our optics expose more specimen in field of view with 22 mm wide 10X eyepieces.

Minimize Fatigue – Side mounted zoom and low positioned focus controls and 45° incline allow natural position, reduce stress.

Innovative Base – Includes the new, one-of-a kind scope base which is counterweighted. This feature clears up all obstructions for easiest manipulation of your flypad under your scope. Fits standard 30 mm diameter microscope mounts.

Cat # Description List Price Your Price
59-502 Flystuff Binocular Microscope 2,090.95 Click Here
59-503 Flystuff Trinocular Microscope 2,175.40 Click Here
59-501 Flystuff Microscope Base 300.65 Click Here
59-500 LED Light Source, Dual Gooseneck 333.85 Click Here
59-503C C-Mount Camera Adapter for Trinocular Microscope 248.85 Click Here
15-122 Digital Video Color Camera, 5MP 2,286.35 Click Here

Petri Dishes

These sterile petri dishes are precision molded from pure virgin polystyrene for general lab use or automatic filling equipment. Ultra flat surfaces assure petridishefficient, cost effective usage of media. Dishes are conveniently packed in easy to open sleeves of 20. Each lot is sterilized in accordance with U.S.P., AAMU, and ISO 9002 guidelines.

Cat # Dutscher # Applied # Size (mm) Style Qty / Unit List Price Your Price
32-103 N/A N/A 35 x 10 Stackable 500 196.00 Click Here
32-105 789133 AS-4050 60 x 15 Stackable 500 134.85 Click Here
32-107 N/A N/A 100 x 15 Stackable 600 163.05 Click Here
32-106 N/A N/A 150 x 15 Stackable 100 105.40 Click Here

Halo Carbon OilHalocarbon Oil

Halocarbon oil allows free diffusion of oxygen, has low viscosity, and thus prevents dehydration and hypoxia. With a refractive index similar to glycerol, halocarbon oil also has good optical properties for imaging. It also provides a good environment for injection and is particularly useful for long-term imaging of embryos.

Synonym: polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE)

Cat # Description Qty/Unit List Price Your Price
59-131 Halocarbon 700* Oil 50 ml 125.45 Click Here
59-132 Halocarbon 700* Oil 2 x 50 ml 220.95 Click Here
59-133 Halocarbon 27* Oil 50 ml 117.50 Click Here
59-134 Halocarbon 27* Oil 2 x 50 ml 220.95 Click Here

Nail Polish

For sealing microscope slides.

Cat # Color List Price Your Price
88-128 Clear 13.95 Click Here
88-129 Red 8.40 Click Here