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The most complete line of C. elegans products in the world.

Genesee Scientific has been committed to model organism research since 1995 and is proud to announce the creation of Wormstuff® — your source for C. elegans research products. Wormstuff®, from the creators of FlyStuff®, is dedicated to become the most respected supplier of C. elegans products in the world by providing clients with unmatched quality at competitive prices. In fact, we’ve made it our priority to innovate, source or manufacture the best C. elegans products on the market to help labs around the world achieve the best results.

If a product doesn’t exist, we’ll make it.

If we discover that a useful C. elegans product doesn’t exist or isn’t readily available on the market, we’ll make it ourselves— and then provide it to our clients at a fair price. We’ve created over fifty quality products for model organisms and have made it our business to keep those unique products in stock. Wormstuff® is always looking for new product ideas. Please let us know if there is a product that you would like to see available through Wormstuff® by visiting our product pages.

Everything you need in one place, including top-quality service.

Our ‘One-Stop Shop’ approach not only saves you time, but allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. What’s more, our knowledgeable staff is happy to provide you with pre-purchase support and product recommendations, as well as ensure on-time shipping and hassle-free returns to guarantee your total satisfaction.

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Our constant innovation and dedication to C. elegans research has resulted in the most complete line of C. elegans-specific products available in the world. For your convenience, we offer easy and secure online ordering at, or you can order over the phone by calling 1.800.789.5550.