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Always Consistent:

The Nutri-fly® Guarantee

Each batch of Nutri-fly® is tested in our lab for quality using our proprietary food testing procedures to ensure high quality, consistent food every single time. Nutri-fly® eliminates the need to weigh out each and every ingredient, significantly narrowing the the margin of error when cooking media. 
Save Time & Effort

Never hassle with weighing out multiple ingredients or managing inventory. Simply weigh out the Nutri-fly® powder and add water to cook for easy, simple, and quick media preparation.

Adopted Worldwide

Nutri-fly® is used as the main food for fly cultures by several major Drosophila media prep facilities worldwide, both large and small. Researchers and kitchens alike benefit from Nutri-fly®.

2 Year Shelf Life

Nutri-fly® has a robust 2 year shelf life when stored properly, so you can stock your kitchen with confidence for an extended period of time without having to worry about expiration dates.

Not More Expensive

Refreshingly, Nutri-fly® is not more expensive than sourcing ingredients separately, especially considering excess ingredient waste in the form of overages and time spent on managing inventory for multiple ingredients.


Nutri-fly® is available in both re-sealable bottles and Superbulk® “best value” bulk format to suit any requirements. Nutri-fly is also available in the several formulations to meet the needs of any Drosophila kitchen or lab.

Always Consistent

Each batch of Nutri-fly® is tested for consistency using our proprietary food testing procedures. Each of these tests guarantee consistent and high quality food every single time and the correct ingredient composition.

Nutri-fly® Formulations

Bloomington Formulation


Molasses Formulation



Saves Time

Fill a full tray of 100 vials or a full tray of 25 bottles all at once! Never fill up an individual vessel by hand again

5 Year Warranty

Backed by a 5 year warranty and a 90 day full refund return policy so your satisfaction is guaranteed

3 Size Options

Available in 3 sizes to fill either a full tray of 100 narrow vials, 100 wide vials, or 25 square bottom bottles at a time

Upgrade Your Old Filler

We sell replacement O-rings, springs and Teflon slider plates. Replace those parts and your filler is like new again!

Individual Fly Food Ingredients


Sucrose, Granulated

Malt Extract

Soy Flour

Corn Syrup Solids



Molasses, Dry

Apple Cider Vinegar



Nutri-fly® Drosophila Agar

Our technical grade Drosophila agar (USP) is a staple ingredient in fly food. 100 mesh particle size. Lot-to-lot quality control processes assure consistency in your fly food.

Gel Strength Coefficient

Agar gel strength can vary from lot to lot. Since the gel strength is noted on the label of all Nutri-Fly® Drosophila agar, we strongly suggest that Drosophila media facilities seize the opportunity to use this information to ensure consistency in gelification of fly food. To do so, one must first “normalize” the food by noting the gel strength of an ideal batch. Then, use the following formula to account for varying gel strength to calculate the exact amount of agar you want to use in subsequent preparation: