cagesEmbyro Collection Cages

Made of durable acrylic, these convenient embryo collection cages feature an extended end cap (flexible LDPE) which accommodates a petri dish (35mm, 60mm, or 100mm). This unique easy-to-use feature eliminates the need for tape, while maintaining cage integrity. Stainless steel mesh (97µm) is fused to the top of the cage to allow ample breathability and eliminate condensation.

Embryo collection cages must be cleaned with cold soapy water. Do not clean with ethanol or other alcohols.

Click Here for our embryo collection cage plate compatibility guide.


  • Mini (Cat # 59-105): 3.75 cm (D) x 5.8 cm (H)
  • Small (Cat # 59-100): 5.6 cm (D) x 7.6 cm (H)
  • Large (Cat # 59-101): 8.75 cm (D) x 14.8 cm (H)
Cat # Dutscher # Description Fits Qty/Unit List Price Your Price
59-105 789127 Mini Embryo Collection Cages 35 mm Dish 4 Cages 84.65 Click Here
59-106 789128 Mini Replacement End Caps Mini Cage 8 Caps 19.00 Click Here
59-100 789066 Small Embryo Collection Cages 60 mm Dish 4 Cages 83.80 Click Here
59-102 789123 Small Replacement End Caps Small Cage 8 Caps 16.05 Click Here
59-101 789092 Large Embryo Collection Cages 100 mm Dish 4 Cages 94.60 Click Here
59-103 789120 Large Replacement End Caps Large Cage 8 Caps 19.85 Click Here

Petri Dishes

These sterile petri dishes are precision molded from pure virgin polystyrene for general lab use or automatic filling equipment. Ultra flat surfaces assure petridishefficient, cost effective usage of media. Dishes are conveniently packed in easy to open sleeves of 20. Each lot is sterilized in accordance with U.S.P., AAMU, and ISO 9002 guidelines.

Cat # Dutscher # Applied # Size (mm) Style Qty / Unit List Price Your Price
32-103 N/A N/A 35 x 10 Stackable 500 196.00 Click Here
32-105 789133 AS-4050 60 x 15 Stackable 500 134.85 Click Here
32-107 N/A N/A 100 x 15 Stackable 600 163.05 Click Here
32-106 N/A N/A 150 x 15 Stackable 100 105.40 Click Here

populationcagePopulation Cages

Our Drosophila population cages feature cylindrical extruded acrylic for a corner-free interior. The durable custom sewn cloth end caps (machine washable, drip dry) are form-fitted and held tight by adjustable hose clamps. One end cap features extended netting for easy, safe access. To close the fly cage, simply tie the netting in a knot. The cage sits securely on a durable plastic cradle.

Complete unit (pictured) includes acrylic tube, fitted cloth end caps (one with netting for entry), hose clamps and tube cradle.

Cat # Description List Price Your Price
59-116 Small Population Cage, Complete
(9″ Diameter x 14.4″ Length)
466.35 Click Here
59-104 Large Population Cage, Complete
(12″ Diameter x 2′ Length)
682.15 Click Here

meshbasketsMesh Baskets

Made of durable PVC, these threaded baskets are quite handy to make your own mesh sieves. We buy them at the hardware store to make them available to the Drosophila research community as a convenience.

Cat # Description List Price Your Price
46-101 Small Basket, 3/4″ Inside Diameter 12.95 Click Here
46-102 Large Basket, 1″ Inside Diameter 13.80 Click Here
46-103 Mini Basket, 1/2″ Inside Diameter 12.55 Click Here