Radiator Regulator/FlowmasterCO2 Regulators

Designed for working with your Drosophila Anesthesia Network. A solid 1/8 in ID (3 mm) hose barb tube connector fits our standard size tubing. The CO2 Radiator Regulator/Flowmeter (Cat # 59-143) is excellent for heavy gas flow with multiple fly station setups and is specially designed to help prevent freezing.

Cat# Description List Price Your Price
59-143 CO2 Radiator Regulator/Flowmeter 586.60 Click Here

bubblerCO2 Bubbler

Bubblers help prevent your flies from becoming dehydrated while also helping in the reduction of static electricity on your Flypad. Genesee’s new bubbler attachment heads come in three convenient sizes to fit standard 500 ml, 1000 ml, and 2000 ml Erlenmeyer flasks.

2 x 3 ft coil tube included. Flask not included.

Cat# Dutscher# Description Qty/Unit List Price Your Price
59-180 N/A #7 Stopper, for 500ml Erlenmeyer Flasks 1 Kit/Unit 62.90 Click Here
59-181 789253 #9 Stopper, for 1000ml Erlenmeyer Flasks 1 Kit/Unit 62.90 Click Here

ultimateflypadConductive Black Pad

You’ll never go back! The new conductive, black Flypad surface is another exclusive from Genesee Scientific and offers several advantages over the traditional white surfaces of flypads. The conductive porous material helps to reduce static buildup on the Flypad and reduces glare when viewing flies under a microscope. This black surface provides unmatched contrast so viewing your flies is better than ever.

ultimateflypad2The Ultimate Flypad

The Ultimate FlyStuff Flypad is made of 1/8 in (3 mm) easily replaceable UHMW porous polyethylene paired together with metal casing which helps in reducing static. A precision routed maze along the metal casing assures optimal, consistent diffusion of CO2 throughout the staging area. The FlyStuff Ultimate Flowbed features 3 input options to best suit your setup. Its ‘zero-edge’ rim makes it easy and safe for removal of flies.

For instructions on replacing the surface of the Ultimate Flypad, Click Here.

flowbedFlystuff Flypad

The Flystuff Flypad is made of 1/8 in (3 mm) UHMW porous polyethylene fused to 3/4 in (12 mm) acrylic base. The precision routed maze maintains a flat, warp-free surface and also assures optimal, consistent diffusion of CO2 throughout the staging area. The Flystuff Flypad features a nickel-plated brass threaded hose barb input that fits 1/8 in ID (3 mm) tubing (substitute fitting for 1/4 in (6 mm) ID tubing available upon request).

flowbedframeThe Flystuff Flypad Frame is a white acrylic frame with a precision routed recessed groove that fits precisely on top of the Flystuff Flypad. The fit allows for easy one-handed removal, and the recessed gravity fit keeps the frame securely in place when in use. The benefit of this frame is two fold: 1) CO2, being heavier than air, is more efficiently contained within the frame. This is especially beneficial when the Flystuff Foot Valve is used. 2) The frame adds protective walls to the Flypad surface to best contain flies and assure that they will not inadvertently be swept off the Flypad.

Cat # Dutscher # Description List Price Your Price
59-114 789060 Flypad, Standard Size (8.1cm x 11.6cm) 175.35 Click Here
59-118 789059 Flypad Frame, Standard Size 60.70 Click Here
59-119 789094 Flypad, Large Size (10.1 x 14 cm) 188.00 Click Here
59-120 789095 Flypad Frame, Large Size 63.30 Click Here
59-172 789183 Ultimate Flypad Complete with Accessories* (8.9cm x 12.4cm) 459.95 Click Here
59-199 N/A Ultimate Flypad Replacement Pads (w/ Pre-Applied Adhesive)*, 5/Unit (8.9cm x 12.4cm) 77.40 Click Here
59-199B N/A Conductive Black Surface for Ultimate Flypad, 5 Pads/Unit 93.90 Click Here

*Each Ultimate Flypad comes with 2 additional replacement pads (with pre-applied adhesive tape), hex wrench, 5 feet of Genesee tubing, 2 threaded plugs, 1 (one) 1/8 in I.D. (3 mm) threaded input, and 1 (one) 1/4 in (6 mm) I.D. threaded input.

bubblerFlypad Trade-In Program

Trade in ANY old Flypad that is dirty, clogged, or no longer used and get a brand NEW Flypad for a special discounted Trade-In price.

Cat# Description List Price  Your Price
59-114T Trade-In Flypad, Standard Size 162.65 Click Here
59-119T Trade-In Flypad, Large Size 174.65 Click Here
59-172T Trade-In Ultimate Flypad 395.45 Click Here

Control Static!

We adapted technology from the semiconductor and other electrostatic-sensitive disciplines to your flyroom. Introducing 2 new brushes to help control static electricity using grounded conductivity. It starts with a superconductive specialized bristle fiber filament that is chemically bonded with copper sulfide to produce a corona discharge effect. When this fiber nears the surface of static charged material, it will ionize the air, which acts as a carrier of electrons away from the charged materials.

For a demonstration video, Click Here.


Cat # Dutscher # Description Dimensions Qty/Unit List Price Your Price
59-204 789212 Flypushing Brush 6in (15.2cm) long, 1/4in (6.4mm) diameter 3 Brushes 110.00 Click Here
59-205 789213 Flystation Brush 4in (10.2cm) wide 1 Brush 72.10 Click Here

flowbuddyFlystuff Flowbuddy Flow Regulator

The Flowbuddy Flow Regulator adds convenience and precision flow control to any CO2 Drosophila workstation. The Flowbuddy’s toggle switch is used to instantly start and stop fly work with ease. CO2 flow to the 2 barbed outputs is adjusted with the Flowbuddy’s knurled knob flow regulator which allows effortless, user-determined micro adjustment in LPM (Liters Per Minute) with constant, visible confirmation on the flow meter. Since the Flowbuddy Flow Regulator withstands input pressure up to 100 psi, tank gauges can safely be left open, which eliminates the need to fuss with the tank’s knobs and levers to begin and end fly work. Even when CO2 pressure increases or decreases (i.e. when another workstation on the network is shut off or turned on), the Flowbuddy’s Flow Regulator will maintain a consistent unvarying flow. The Benchtop Flowbuddy Flow Regulator features a sturdy base, non-slip feet, gun hook, and has a small footprint (just 4×6 inches!) to fit nicely on a workstation surface. The Wall-Mount Flowbuddy Flow Regulator is engineered for simple, sturdy installation (hardware included) to free up bench space. The barbed input and outputs are nickel-plated solid brass and fit 1/8 in I.D. (3 mm) tubing.

Cat # Dutscher # Description List Price Your Price
59-122B 789099 Benchtop Flowbuddy Flow Regulator, Alone 367.35 Click Here
59-122BC 789067 Benchtop Flowbuddy, Complete System 608.95 Click Here
59-122BCU 789181 Benchtop Flowbuddy, Complete System w/ Ultimate Flypad 759.20 Click Here
59-122W 789110 Wall-Mount Flowbuddy Flow Regulator, Alone 344.00 Click Here
59-122WC 789101 Wall-Mount Flowbuddy, Complete System 585.75 Click Here
59-122WCU 789182 Wall-Mount Flowbuddy, Complete System w/ Ultimate Flypad 738.15 Click Here

54-104Flystuff Blowgun

The FlyStuff pistol grip blowgun offers variable flow control and is lightweight, ergonomic and the perfect complement to any CO2 anesthetizing apparatus. The output is a 0.05 in (1.27 mm) stainless steel needle tip with a nickel plated brass base. The needle length measures 1 3/16 in (30.16 mm), which is ideal for use with cotton, rayon or Flugs. The barbed input is a solid brass 1/8 in I.D. (3 mm) and fits our standard size tubing.

Cat # Dutscher # Description List Price Your Price
54-104 789096 Flystuff Blowgun 120.80 Click Here
54-104M 789178 Flystuff Blowgun Mini 118.60 Click Here
54-119 789097 Replacement Needle, 0.05in x 1.1875in (1.27mm x 30.16mm) 14.55 Click Here
54-119L 789098 Replacement Needle, 0.072in x 1.75in (1.83mm x 44.45mm) 15.30 Click Here
54-119N 789179 Luer Lock Adapter 8.20 Click Here

59-121Flystuff Foot Pedal

The Flystuff Foot Pedal is a simple and efficient tool designed to conserve CO2 and reduce the risk of over-anesthetizing flies. When compared to a standard continuous-flow setup, the addition of this simple foot valve to your Drosophila workstation can conserve CO2 by 500% or more. This can translate into huge savings. In addition to saving on CO2 cost, the Flystuff Foot Pedal saves the time and tedium involved in having to frequently change out CO2 tanks. The solid brass barbed input and output fit 1/8” I.D. tubing.

The Flystuff Complete foot pedal system includes: 1 foot pedal; 1 Flypad; 1 Flypad frame; 5 ft 1/8 in ID (3 mm) Tubing; 1 “T” Fitting; 1 Blowgun with coiled tube and 0.05 x 1 3/16 in needle (0.72 x 1 3/4 in can be substituted free upon request).

Cat # Dutscher # Description List Price Your Price
59-121 789102 Flystuff Foot Valve 154.80 Click Here
59-121C 789103 Flystuff Foot Valve, Complete System 343.20 Click Here
59-121CU 789180 Flystuff Foot Valve, Complete System w/ Ultimate Flypad 550.45 Click Here

porousplasticPorous Plastic Sheets for Anesthesia Staging Apparatus

This high quality porous polyethylene is used in our in-house machine shop to manufacture the Flystuff Flypad. We have made this product available to the Drosophila research community so that they may make their own apparatus or resurface existing apparatus; however, please note that we can resurface (cat# 59-108) virtually any apparatus. Please contact us for details.

Cat # Description List Price Your Price
46-100 Porous Polyethylene, 12in x 12in Sheet, White 40.10 Click Here
46-100B Porous Polyethylene, 12in x 12in Sheet, Black 79.45 Click Here

Anesthesia Product Accessories

  • Genesee Tubing is extremely flexible, resistant to kinks and can handle pressures of up to 57 psi on 1/8 in (3 mm) ID single barbed fittings.
  • “T” Fittings are single-barbed and fit 1/8 in (3 mm) ID tubing.
  • Tube Reducer couples larger tubing to Genesee standard 1/8 in ID (3 mm) tubing
  • Hose-to-Hose Connectors are single-barbed and connect 1/8 in (3 mm) ID tubing
Cat # Description List Price Your Price
59-141 Quick Connect Fitting 10.95 Click Here
59-124C Tubing, Clear (1 Contiguous Foot/Unit) 2.20 Click Here
59-124G Tubing, Green (1 Contiguous Foot/Unit) 2.20 Click Here
59-125 Coiled Tube, Green 22.20 Click Here
59-209 Flow Control Fitting for Blowgun 38.50 Click Here
59-210 Flow Control Fitting for Flypad 38.50 Click Here
59-123 “T” Fitting for 1/8in ID Tubing 6.95 Click Here
59-179 3/16in (4.75mm) Tube Reducer 5.30 Click Here
59-178 1/4in (6.4mm) Tube Reducer 5.30 Click Here
59-140 Hose-to-Hose Connector 4.95 Click Here
59-152 Barbed Tubing Adapter 6.00 Click Here