Flugs1Flugs® Closures for Vials and Bottles

Flugs are bonded dense weave cellulose acetate plugs for Drosophila vials and bottles. Flugs (short for Fly Plugs) are said to provide a better barrier to mites than cotton and rayon, and especially paper lids and foam plugs. Additionally, Flugs offer minimal shedding compared to cotton and rayon as well as reduced evaporation, which keeps food fresh longer.


Master Cases Quantities!  For your convenience, we have designed boxes which fit multiple cases of Flugs. We encourage customers to order flugs in multiples of Master Case quantities to help protect shipments and reduce freight costs.

Cat# Dutscher# Applied # Fits Qty / Unit List Price Your Price Master
Case Qty
49-100 789034 AS-277 Stock Bottles 1000 154.00 Click Here 3
49-101 789035 AS-275 Wide Plastic Vials 1000 91.80 Click Here 4
49-102 789036 AS-273 Narrow Plastic Vials 1000 84.10 Click Here 5
49-103 789037 AS-271 Glass Vials 1000 84.10 Click Here 5

cotton CottonCoilRopeCotton & Rayon Balls & Rope

Thorough machine processing provides consistent uniformity of shape and size for maximum efficacy in vial plugging. These top quality balls are an effective barrier to mite infestation.

Our pharmaceutical grade cotton and rayon coil rope can be pulled or cut apart in any length to effectively plug any size vial or bottle. These coils conform to USP (current edition) Purified Rayon and Purified Cotton, respectively.

Cat# Dutscher# Applied# Description Fits List Price Your Price Master
Case Qty
51-100 789041 AS-210 Rayon Balls, Large Narrow Vials 74.90 Click Here 5
51-101 789042 AS-212 Cotton Balls, Large Narrow Vials 73.55 Click Here 5
51-102W 789044 N/A Cotton Balls, Extra Large Wide Vials 178.50 Click Here N/A
51-102B 789043 AS-215 Cotton Balls, Extra Large Bottles 320.90 Click Here N/A
52-100 789045 AS-205 Rayon Rope Vials, Bottles 187.10 Click Here N/A
52-101 789046 AS-212 Cotton Rope Vials, Bottles 186.90 Click Here N/A


Cell Structure


  • Densest foam ever offered to fly labs
  • Increased height for extra protection
  • Easiest closure ever available: Insert/Remove/Gas
  • Reusable (washable, autoclavable)
  • Rec. Autoclave Settings: 15min, 121° & 15psi (avoid dry cycle)
  • Dry on a rack in a well-ventilated room


Cat # Dutscher # Description Diameter Qty / Unit List Price Your Price
59-194 789190 Bottle Droso-Plugs® 38mm 1536 Plugs 567.05 Click Here
59-194P inquire Plastic Bottle Droso-Plugs® 38mm 2560 Plugs 731.05 Click Here
59-200 789193 Narrow Vial Solid Droso-Plugs® 25mm 6760 Plugs 554.10 Click Here
59-201 789194 Wide Vial Solid Droso-Plugs® 28mm 4840 Plugs 532.25 Click Here

paperlidPaper Lids for Stock Bottles

  • 42.75mm Diameter
  • Non-wax surface for breathability
  • Available with new pulltab

50-100BULK789038AS-119With Pull Tab10,000662.55Click Here

Cat # Dutscher # Applied # Description Qty / Unit List Price Your Price

Press’n Seal™ Sealable Plastic Wrap

pressnsealUse Glad® Press’n Seal™ sealable plastic wrap to “plug” vials in the fly kitchen, leaving the real plugging to be done when flies are in the vials. The application of this new sealable plastic wrap not only saves time in the food preparation facility, but also in the lab since the vial user does not need to unplug each vial prior to use. The seal has been found to significantly increase the shelf life of prepared fly food.

Click to learn more about Press’N’Seal™ Wrap

Cat # Description Qty / Unit List Price Your Price
88-142 Glad® Press’n Seal™ Sealable Plastic Wrap 1 Roll of 140 Sq. Ft. 17.45 Click Here

Geneseal Adhesive Film™ for Vials

A revolutionary adhesive film developed specifically to optimize fly food preparation and preservation.

genesealSave Food Preparation Time – Plugging vials is the most time consuming, labor-intesive task performed in a fly kitchen… and it’s no longer necessary! A sheet of GENESEAL is applied to a tray of 100 vials in just seconds! Use GENESEAL and leave the plugging for when flies are in the vials. Large or small, any fly facility can benefit with GENESEAL. Vials sealed with GENESEAL stay moist up to 3 times longer than plugged vials. So, more food can be prepared less often which cuts setup time by up to two thirds! Since the fly kitchen is no longer responsible for plugging, the individual laboratory/researcher can select and procure it’s own closures. Persons intollerant of cotton can use rayon…or foam. And labs who prefer the best barrier to mite infestation can use Flugs. Therefore, the fly kitchen need not be burdened with more work or hassle to accommodate individual needs or preferences.

Cat# Dutscher# Description Seals (~) Qty/Unit List Price Your Price
59-166 789164 Narrow Tray Film 750 Trays 1 Roll 202.50 Click Here
59-165 789163 Wide Tray Film 650 Trays 1 Roll 238.10 Click Here