Drosophila Bottle Bundles



  • Easier inventory management
  • Simplify your orders with only one catalog number required
  • Master case quantities protect vials and save you on freight costs



Every vial and bottle needs a closure, right? Why not order them all together with one part number? Now you can with our new Drosophila product bundles which will simplify your ordering. Just order using the catalog numbers below and you will receive the vials or bottles you need and an identical amount of closures. It’s that easy. Using narrow vials and Flugs? We have a bundle for you. Using bottles and cotton? We have a bundle for you.

Fly Bottle Bundles

Type Material # Qty Flugs Your Price Cotton Your Price
6oz Square Polypropylene 2000 32-130BF Click Here 32-130BC Click Here
6oz Square Polyethylene 2000 32-131BF Click Here 32-131BC Click Here
8oz Round Polypropylene 1000 32-129FBF Click Here N/A N/A

32-130Plastic Drosophila Stock Bottles

These reusable plastic stock bottles are available in transparent autoclavable polypropylene or less transparent non-autoclavable polyethylene. Also, they are available with two distinctive openings: one is compatible with paper lids; and the other with Flugs, Buzz Plugs (a trade mark of Fisher Scientific), and paper lids.

  • Polyethylene: Good transparency, softest top, not autoclavable
  • Polypropylene: Better transparency, pliable top, fully autoclavable

6oz Square Bottom Bottles

  • Designed for Universal Closure Compatibility
  • Clearer and Less Obstructions for Best Visability
  • Graduations in 12.5ml intervals
Cat# Dutscher# Applied # Closure Compatibility Material Qty/Unit List Price Your Price
32-130 789022 AS-355 Universal Polypropylene 500 170.65 Click Here
32-131 789024 AS-359 Universal Polyethylene 500 179.70 Click Here

32-129F8oz Round Bottom Bottles

  • 60mm Diameter / 130mm Height
  • Autoclavable Polypropylene
  • Thin Wall Design with Graduation Marks
Cat # Dutscher Applied # Closure Compatibility Material Qty/Unit List Price Your Price
32-129F 789021 AS-117 Universal Polypropylene 250 150.55 Click Here

Half Pint Glass Drosophila Stock Bottles

These hard-to-find (milk-style) bottles are made of rugged heavy wall glass, which will withstand numerous autoclavings.

• 136mm Height / 63mm Diameter (at widest point)
• Reusable, Autoclavable
• Wide-mouth Heavy Wall Glass
• Recommended autoclave cycles are 121°C at 15 psi for 20 minutes

Cat # Dutscher # Closure Compatibility Material Qty / Unit List Price Your Price
50-102 789040 Droso-Plugs
and Paper Lids
Glass 60 337.50 Click Here

Fly Bottle Trays

Cat # Description Material Qty / Unit List Price Your Price
32-125 Fly Bottle Tray 5 x 5 Cardboard 50 83.20 Click Here
59-151B Fly Bottle Tray 5 x 5 Aluminum 1 63.95 Click Here
59-151W Fly Bottle Tray 4 x 5 Aluminum 1 58.40 Click Here
59-151WSS Fly Bottle Tray 5 x 5 Stainless Steel 1 69.65 Click Here
59-164B Fly Bottle Tray 5 x 5 Plastic 25 208.65 Click Here